With over 300 years of experience between us in 7 different disciplines, you can be assured that you get the right analysis every time.
Your project deserves the best and our consultants are internationally recognised experts in their field.
We are an independent consultancy service. Trust us with your data and we will deliver your solutions.

AllStats Statistical Consultancy

Finding meaning, value and truth in data

AllStats is a tailored statistical and data analysis consultancy with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. Trusted by academic and industrial clients both within the UK and internationally, we offer a friendly, speedy, personal and cost-efficient data analysis, statistical consultancy and project consultancy service which will meet and exceed your requirements.

"Prompt, very trustworthy and a reliable professional ally... the quality of service was superb!"

O. Henry, MD of Rosebow Ltd

Why AllStats?

Academic Rigor and Industrial Experience

All AllStats consultants have robust academic credentials coupled with industry experience. This allows us to offer our guidance and expertise across a wide breadth of problems and situations. From academic consulting on projects, thesis work or PhD's, to working with industry clients looking for solutions to technical or business problems.


Bringing Intelligence to Data

Many businesses are data rich but information poor, being overloaded, swamped, drowning with data. AllStats, rather than seeing data as a problem, see it as a resource, a rich vein of information to be unlocked, an asset with value to be realised. For us

Data is (only potential) Information

You give us access to your data and we can meet your needs by applying our tools, knowledge and experience to release the meanings and value it contains.

Our invitation to you

Thank you for visiting us. Please have a look around our site for further information about our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us, without commitment, for a free initial consultation. Our service is professional, speedy, flexible and personal; we think you will find our service surprising inexpensive.

Once we are provided with the detailed specification of a project, we promptly provide an estimate of time to complete it and a fixed price.

We look forward to hearing from, and doing business with, you soon.

Our mission - to find meaning, value and truth in data

The Company

Founded in the late 2000's, AllStats consultancy now boasts over 300 years of combined expertise and knowledge in multiple fields and disciplines. Our mission is to help you find meaning, value and truth in data.



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