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The team which comprises AllStats have been providing quality data analysis and statistical consultancy for many years. All statisticians in our team hold Doctorates from major western universities and have substantial academic and consultancy experience. They have wide experience in the use of all the main statistical software packages including SPSS, SAS, NAG, TSP, CLUSTAN, MFIT, STATA and a wealth of report writing.

They remain research active with collaborative projects with universities in the UK and throughout the world, as well as with industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector..


Our work has involved extensive collaboration with professionals in many disciplines as frequently researchers, whether individual PhD students, or medical research teams, require statistical input. In all cases we have brought to bear our extensive knowledge, varied experience and professional expertise in widely varying contexts. We have worked with the electronics industry, environmental and property divisions, many sectors of the medical community and within education.


The assistance we have provided has ranged across general data analysis (from small amounts of data to large complex data sets), statistical modeling (particularly in a medical context), survey development from design and sampling, through application and analysis to final report, time series, simulation studies, longitudinal data analysis, survival models and randomisation tests.


We have, as a group, authored several books, presented numerous papers at International Conferences and published a large number of refereed articles in Journals in subjects ranging across a wide range of disciplines. As a result we are in a privileged position to be able to offer our writing services when it comes to your work.


We have a wide experience of training in the theory and practice of statistics and data-handling. This has ranged from undergraduate through postgraduate to training PhD students in research methods. We also have experience in running bespoke short courses for companies including multinationals. We offer flexibility, clarity and professionalism in making the subject clear and usable to others for whom statistics is not a central part of their life but a tool to be used in their work.

The Company

Founded in the late 2000's, AllStats consultancy now boasts over 300 years of combined expertise and knowledge in multiple fields and disciplines. Our mission is to help you find meaning, value and truth in data.



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