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Case Studies

We have collected below a sample of the cases we have worked on. The cases presented here represent a small fraction of our total output and is meant to provide an overview of the varied work we do!

Inudstry (2017)

Data from surveys and other sources was analysed as part of a sustainability assessment for a major infrastructural undertaking in Africa. Data provided by our client was analysed and a report published reflecting the statistical findings.

Pharmaceutical (2016)

A draft manuscript describing a clinical trial was prepared by a pharmaceutical company for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. It is a requirement of the journal that, before submission, an independent biostatistician confirm the validity of the statistical analysis and associated conclusions. The review revealed that the methods employed could be improved; the revised methodology was subsequently approved and the paper published.

Medical (2016)

A research team was interested in perceptions of needs of those visiting and working in Intensive Care Units in hospitals in the USA. The needs of family members visiting critically-ill patients and those working in ICUs were collected. The data was analysed using hierarchical clustered analysis after checking for internal consistency and data quality control. The statistical analysis identified the factors that are very important in shaping the perceptions of visitors and workers.

Scientific Research (2015)
A research establishment close to Oxford used very high technology tools to obtain a mass of precise data related to an economically very important process in a multi-disciplinary study that was funded by multinational companies. The data was analysed in a variety of ways to test its dynamic qualities but crucially including various tests for randomness.

Survey - Questionnaire Analysis (2016)

A large company required a comparative analysis (historical comparison and inter-departmental) of the levels of engagement of its employees potentially dependent on a number of factors. A multiple regression technique was applied to data on employee opinions and attitudes collected using questionnaire tools.

Local Authority (2014)
An investigation was carried out into the level of commitment to economic development policies and initiatives by District Councils in England and Wales; this employed cluster analysis and other classification techniques.

Medical (2015)
A major health study investigated the effects on impairment in mobility in multiple sclerosis patients in relation to oxygen consumption; various analyses of variance models were compared to determine the significance of interrelated factors.

Education (2013)

A study was undertaken to measure the relative factors of inefficiency in British Higher Education institutions; this was to help develop guidelines for policy making in the HE sector and developed a multi-product, highly non-linear cost function.

Psychology (2013)
Data were collected to determine the conditions under which human subjects would donate to charity.  Subjects were exposed to one of three experimental treatments and the treatment that resulted in highest offers from individuals was identified. The experiment was designed to be robust, counterbalanced across individuals and to allow for within-individual comparisons. These results can now be used in an applied context to increase charitable donations from the public.

Environmental (2013)

A UK research study was undertaken to investigate the possible relationship between the visual and aural presence of wind farms to house prices. Data was collected and analysed to determine the likely impact of the creation of wind farms on house prices


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