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Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Frequently Asked Questions page. Below, we have placed the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, then please contact us using the information we have provided on the Contact Us page


Is there any job too small?

No, although we are not often approached with small data-set problems, it does occasionally happen. To us the size of the data set is not of significance - it is its texture - its nature, its integrity, its validity, its complexity. If we consider your data to be not suitable for statistical analysis we will let you know.


Are you able to deal with a job from beginning to end?

Yes, we prefer to be consulted from the beginning of a project as we can often provide advice that will resulting our clients getting ‘better’ data; that allows for a more powerful analysis and ensures the validity of the results. However we have frequently been called in when the data has been collected and when assistance is required to find out what stories it can tell! It is a different challenge but one we are happy to accept.


Are you able to design questionnaires and run surveys?



We have a deadline for the results, can you guarantee to provide solutions within a specified time?

We pride ourselves on producing results that are accurate, clear and on time. Of course, we cannot give a guarantee as we cannot foresee problems that are not foreseeable.


I’m a PhD student and I need help with the statistical part of my project. I don’t have much money, can you help?

We were students once so we do sympathise with your situation! We are not a charity but we will try to help. One way that might save you money is to give you guidance and support so that you do most of the work yourself rather than simply handing the data over to us. In the first instance set out your objectives clearly and provide a description of the data you are working with. Then let us know about your problem.


How can you offer fixed prices when you don’t know how the project will turn out?

We don’t give the quotation until we fully understand the nature of the project and associated data. We will ask for sufficient detail to enable us to forecast the time and therefore the cost of doing the work. We will provide a quotation and an estimate of the time to completion. If accepted we will hold to that price. Of course, as occasionally happens, the client requests further work to be done beyond the original specification and quotation, then that would be quoted for separately.


Can I trust AllStats with our sensitive data?

Most of the data we operate with requires confidentiality either for ethical or commercial reasons. We have written into our terms and conditions how we will deal with your data. The data’s integrity and security is of paramount importance to us, as it is, of course, to you.


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