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Getting started

How to get started

For us to be able to help you we need to know as much as possible about what you are trying to do. If you want you may phone us. However, we need to understand your problem and so prefer some notes in writing.

We need to fully understand the background to your work and the problem you are trying to solve. It allows us to estimate what help we think you need, to estimate how long it will take and hence its cost.

The key information required includes the following:


A paragraph or more on the background to your work level, title, subject matter (we may not fully understand it if it is not in our field but we like to get an understanding of the context in which you are working).






A description of what exactly you are trying to investigate the objectives of your study. Some description of the methodology you are using or considering using.






At what stage you are in completing your work - early preparation, still deciding what tools you will use to collect data, through to having collected all the information but needing assistance in analysing it. We can help with the implications of various sample sizes to the power of the results you can expect to obtain.






If you have collected your data then we would like as much information about it as possible including sending us a copy of it, with definitions/explanations of the variables.






The deadline you are working to.






What form you would like our response to be how detailed, simple instructions on the kinds of tests you are considering through to more substantial assistance.















And finally ...

You need to clarify to what level you need us to assist you with your statistics it can vary from simply needing results (so that you can write them up clearly and be confident that they are correct!) through to results, interpretation and a detailed description of why particular tests were conducted and the associated information on validity, limitations, appropriateness and so on.

Providing us with as much information as possible will help us to help you!

An Important Note

If you are worried about sending us what you consider sensitive or private data then please be assured that we frequently work with very valuable and highly commercially sensitive data. We will not share your data with any other person or organisation. If you like we will set this out in an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).


AllStats helping you with your project, however complex, or simple, however challenging!



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