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We welcome applications from top-ranking statisticians to become new members of the AllStats team.

Before contacting us please  have a good look around the site to see the kind of people we are and what we do. We would consider you if you have a British PhD (or close equivalent), good communication skills and significant proven professional experience. Our work involved statistical consultancy at all levels, from assisting postgraduate and PhD students complete the data analysis/statistics sections of their dissertations to developing models for large scale industrial applications.

If you have undertaken consultancy, we do not mind in what area this has been but you need to provide details, of course, with assured confidentiality. We do not employ staff full-time basis but  rather on a project-by-project basis. Work with us would suit you if you are already engaged in other activities but have capacity to undertake projects possibly on a last-minute basis; most of our clients have some urgency in their work so the ability to provide solutions within a tight time-frame is essential.

If you are interested in joining the AllStats team then please send your cv, particularly including details of qualifications, publications, knowledge, skills and experience. We look forward to hearing from you.


As you will, no doubt, be aware there are many different types of job that a statistician can do.

As a service to our visitors you can often find advertisements for other statistical jobs on this website.

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