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We know who we are and what we do but in case you are lost we will describe some other sites that also use the Allstats name but in  quite varied ways.

This web site is American and concerned with Baseball. On the site you can find information about software that relates to scheduling, planning, strategies and scoring in relation to baseball games. 


The Joint Information Systems Committee, JISC, is a UK based organisation assisting information flow and communication between sectors of the UK academic community Within this organisation there is a world-wide e-mail broadcast system called allstat for use by the statistical community. A recent list of communications can be found here.

NationMaster - All Stats

NationMaster is a web site that provides “a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically “compare nations”. Apart from clearly dealing with numbers, the AllStats term, in what the BBC World described as a ‘statistician’s dream’, has data on a huge range of topics alphabetically from Agriculture to Transportation or as they say from ‘soldiers to wall-plug voltages’.

is a German games software with references to games that range from Assault on America's Army to Vietcong.


Often the All Stats title is used to refer to the status in computer games, for example, in Curse or Crysis.

Amadeus's AllStats

specialises in Business Intelligence and the allstats section is a platform to ‘accelerate and imporive the quality of decision making’.


is a web site which is concerned with Canadian league (American) football.


under the topic ‘allstats’ goes straight to the Canadian football videos.

All Stats Euro Soccer Coach

is software designed to assist coaches with taking care of details of team management and statistics tracking. It helps create such assists as schedules, phone lists, rosters, and can also track player stats, team stats, league stats, and more. It can be found at

MATLAB Allstats

as used in the Matlab statistical package is a function written by Francisco de Castro which creates: R= ALLSTATS(A) which returns a structure R with several statistics of vector A. The stats calculated include minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, mode, various percentiles, kurtosis and skewness. Further details can be found here.

Golf Digest, Feb 2007

has an article that questions how you measure the performance of a golfer in terms of greens hit and final scores; it refers to ‘the stat of all stats’

Down Under,

A distant antipodean cousin of our Allstats is an Australian site where Stat means ‘stationery’ rather than statistics - a bonzer place to order paper and paperclips and a variety of other useful items.

Money Control

describes itself as India’s No1 Financial Portal and has a page called All Stats which contains a huge amount of financial statistics both Indian and global.



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