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Using SPSS


Originally called the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, SPSS is now used for statistical analysis in areas well beyond the social sciences and has become the principal statistical package used in the world. Since 2010 it has been owned by IBM (bought for $1.2 billion!) and it is now called SPSS: an IBM Company.

If you need to buy a copy of SPSS to use on your computer then we can help you.

SPSS works using normal modern conventions, for example, pull down menus. The data is set out in 'spreadsheet' format but can be accessed in two views; the 'Data View' shows a spreadsheet view of the data as cases (rows) and variables (columns) while the  'Variable View' displays definitions where for each row (variable) are displayed the variable name, variable label, value label(s), print width, measurement type and other characteristics.

Once the data has been set up, a wide variety of options is available including graphical views, summary statistics and numerous analytic tools. These are accessed using drop down menus.

We can help with any aspect of the use of SPSS if you need it.

The latest version of SPSS is 19.0 and the SPSS website can be found at


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