Consulting and advice

The essentials

We work alongside you to ensure that your data strategy matches your needs. That begins by understanding your objective; what are you trying to achieve, what are the potential weaknesses and what are your capabilities? Our insights are developed by the information you give us and our extensive experience in statistical thinking.

Together we combine these elements to develop a data strategy that is tailored to your needs, tailored to meet the objective that you set and tailored to ensure that the best possible outcomes are generated.


The application of a proper statistical analysis to data can yield results which are far  richer and robust than what a basic interrogation would offer. This adds value to analysis and thus offers insights beyond what would otherwise be achieved, insights which can lead to significant breakthroughs or leaps in understanding.

Our consulting services have helped many individuals, organisations and companies across a broad range of sectors including, but not limited to, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and academia.



We are happy to be involved at any stage, and have frequently been called in during a project to diagnose and solve problems or to optimise analysis.
We do however prefer to be involved from the beginning of a project as we can often provide advice that will result in our clients getting ‘better’ data; that allows for a more powerful analysis and ensures the validity of the results.


Most of the data we operate with requires confidentiality either for ethical or commercial reasons. We have written into our terms and conditions how we will deal with your data. We will never share data with external or third parties without your written permission. Your data’s integrity and security is of paramount importance to us, as it is, of course, to you.